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Demonstration Video:

Video #1

    • Mainly used to polish the defects and the overlaps on the bifurcation point of the rail, and also to grind the burrs of the rail edges .

    • Could be used to different kinds of rail track according to inclination of surface, adjustable freely in five directions(movable by axis X, axis Y, axis Z and the rotation by axis Y, axis Z )

    • The rack is adjustable according to different rail distance.

    • The feed and the swing of the grinding wheels can be adjusted freely, and lockable .

Technical details:

    Petrol engine: 4.8KW ( 6.5PS ) /3600 rpm

    Speed of grinding wheel speed : 4000 rpm

    Grinding angle of Y axis (longitudinal) : ±30 °

    Grinding angle of Z axis ( vertical ) : ±30 °

    Grinding distance along X axis (longitudinal) : ±700mm

    Grinding distance along Z axis (Vertical) : ±150mm

    Weight: 100 kg

    Dimension: (L × W × H) 2250×780×850 mm


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