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   Grinding Machine >> NGM-4.8 II    Petrol Engine Intelligent Profiling Rail Grinding Machine


Demonstration Video:

Video #1    

    • Limit position locking function of grinding Driven by petrol engine which adapt to outside operation;

    • SCM control, LCD display which shows grinding room clearly;

    • Precise lower wheel, avoid excessive grinding phenomenon;

    • Automatic cumulative operation time which is convenient to maintain and manage;

    • Humanization control device design, make the operation easier and more convenient;

    • Optimized profiling transmission device, provide technical support for high precision profile grinding.

Technical details:

    Gasoline engine power: 4.8KW / 3600 rpm

    Grinding wheel effective travel: 40mm

    Profiling wheel distance: 1010mm

    Profiling deflection angle: ±90°

    Feeding accuracy of grinding wheel:0.1~0.5 ( adjustable )

    Working Temperature: -20°C~+70°C

    Dimension (L × W × H): 1565 × 590 × 973 (mm)

    Weight: 110kg


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