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    Grinding Machine >> NGM-4.8      Rail Head Profile Grinding Machine


    • A professional tool for profile-grinding the welded-joints and the sides of the rail tracks.

    • Automatic feed, controlling of the grinding amount, without tilting when grinding the sides.

    • High efficiency, easy to use, safe and reliable, and it is the necessary machine for construction and maintenance work of railway.

    • Grinding the rails from top to side, that can be chosen arbitrarily according to the geometry of the rail head.

    • Profiling wheels and support wheels insulated from machine

    • Adjusting the tightness of the belt by gaskets of pulley

Technical details:

    Gasoline engine power: 4.8KW (6.5 PS) / 3600 rpm

    Output rotating speed: 4500 rpm

    Feed precision: 0.1mm

    Feed: 40mm

    Pivoting angle of grinding wheel: ±90°

    Base/roller distance : 1000 mm

    Weight : 90 kg

    Dimension: (L × W × H) 955 × 360 × 465mm


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