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    Wrench >> NLB-600     Internal-Combustion Bolt Wrench

Demonstration Video:

Video #1    

    • A special tool to tighten and loose the nuts from M22 to M30 for railway, subway and light rail.

    • Mechanical transmission and hydraulic torque control. The output torque could be adjusted freely, tightening and loosing according to different bolts.

    • Compact, easy to operate, safe and reliable, a necessary equipment for the railway construction, maintenance and rescue operations.

    • There are four kinds of sleeves: 22, 24,27 and 30.

    • Output shaft can be rotated conversely, large torque and adjustable. The sleeves could be installed and affixed quickly.

    • Equipped with lighting equipment.

Technical details:

    Petrol engine: 4.8KW ( 6.5PS ) /3600 rpm

    Output shaft speed: 157 rpm

    Output torque : tighten 70 ~ 450 N *m, loosen: 600N.m

    Torque tolerance: ±10%

    Applicant nuts : M22, M24, M27, M30

    Weight: 88 kg

    Dimensions: (L × W × H) 1175×560×840 mm



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